Ryan Adams And Lost Highway Not Seeing Eye To Eye With Love Is Hell

Prolific singer-songwriter Ryan Adams and his label, Lost Highway, are not exactly on the same page with Adams' new album, Love Is Hell. Adams writes on his website, "Love Is Hell is finished. We don't know what to do with itÖ or should I say, 'they' don't know what to do with it. I've heard adjectives like 'incredibly too depressing' and - this one's funny - 'dark.' Also 'not your best stuff.'" The album was initially reported (by Adams) to be scheduled for a March release date, but Frank Callari, Senior VP of A&R/Artist Development at Lost Highway (and Adams' manager) doesn't agree with his client/artist.

Callari told Rolling Stone, "It was never supposed to come out in March. Ryan wanted it to come out in March. He originally did some tracks in September, but then he started to rework some stuff. That isn't done yet. It's not on the release schedule. I'm not sure when it will be done."

Adams says that it's the style of the album that is the problem, and not the fact that it's not finished. He claims that the album is "too alternative rock" for the tastes of his label. This could be the case, as back when Gold was released, we contacted the label in order to get a copy to review for the site, and they told us they weren't interested in Alternative. Regardless of his label's position, it's pretty clear that Ryan is interested in targeting the Alternative world.

Adams and Lost Highway do agree on one thing - a forthcoming box set. This long-awaited box set, one that has been talked about for years, is now expected to be released by the end of the year. According to Rolling Stone, the set will include two albums recorded with the singer's rock & roll side project, The Pinkhearts (48 Hours and The Suicide Handbook). Tracks pulled from sessions with Scott Litt and Michael Blair are also said to be included. Love Is Hell may just wind up on the box set as well, as Adams wrote, "It may fit better with this set."

Ryan Adams And Lost Highway Not Seeing Eye To Eye With Love Is Hell