The Great Shakes EP

I was turned on to The Great Shakes by WOXYís resident audiophile Matt Shiv, who was turned on to them by Jenn Lanchart over at Beggars. Ah, how word travels. The Great Shakes are a poppy trash punk quintet who have made NYC, and the small Manhattan-based indie label Rich And Sexy, their adopted home. Their debut EP is a five-song kick in the balls that explodes with attitude, crunchy guitars, and the confident/cocky lead vocals of band mouthpiece, Darren (last names were nowhere to be found in the bio). The EPís second track, ìWant/Got,î was added to light rotation over at Shivís home base and has been racking up enough phone calls to make the leap to medium rotation in the course of a week. The other songs are solid as well, including ìWe Do As We Pleaseî and ìGoing All Night,î but my personal fav is ìLet It Go.î The song is carried by the rolling crash of the snare drum, sneaky guitar licks that meander in and out of thunderous power chords and aggressive, seemingly untamable vocals. Rich And Sexy president, Cathryn Rich (get it), is really nice and is doing a killer job of spreading the word on these guys. Click the links above for MP3s and hit her up for a copy of the EP if you like what you hear.

The Great Shakes
Rich And Sexy

The Great Shakes EP