La Musica Negra

Birmingham, Alabama, represent! Not a whole lot going on down in the Pittsburgh-of-the-South (steel and all, you see; not exactly reaching for the stars when you're comparing yourself to the Steel City, though, are you?), but they have a few bands: Remy Zero for one and Verbena for two. Being buddies with Dave Grohl, who produced the band's last effort, 1999's Into The Pink, never hurts and neither does having a blasting cap of an album opener/first single in "Way Out West." A huge, downtuned riff and frontman Scott Bondy's drawl pair to form, just like the Wonder Twins, somethign special indeed. The trio's third work, La Musica Negra, isn't short on catchy gems, as "It's Alright, It's Okay (Jesus Told Me So)" further showcases their southern fried rock edge, more Queens guitars and a vocal reminiscent of Pete Yorn, while "Me And Yr Sister" keeps stoking the bluesy guitar flames, tossing a shake of The Cars in for good measure. Downtuned guitars, ace riffs and Dave Grohl: they could always become Kings Of The Steel Age, as history progresses.


La Musica Negra