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Hey Radiohead junkies, get your fix right here. Capitol Records has posted a link to the new video for ìThere There,î along with complete ALBUM VERSIONS of ìA Punch Up At A Wedding,î ìSail To The Moon,î ìMyxomytosis,î and ìThere There.î Check out this ìRadiohead Playerî, and read the accompanying message from Capitol: "Radiohead Put The Words To Right. At ease, Thieves:
You can have what you want, you just have to ask! Sample songs you've
probably already heard and watch the video for "There There." Feeling witty?
Help Radiohead put the words to right. Wipe them out anytime." Hail To The Thief will be released on June 10.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead