Things Fall Apart Again

Recording in California seems to have affected London boys Serafin. On "Things Fall Apart," a sunny element has reared its head in the angular mix of Placebo-esque guitars the youngsters have rocked on past singles "Day by Day" and "One More Way". Plus, the lyric line "California girl, things will fall apart again" is a bit of a giveaway. This quartet was inked by Elektra and flown off to Los Angeles to record their debut album. "Things Fall Apart," released by the band's UK label, Taste Media, is a burst of chugging guitars and buoyant sing along lyrics by frontman Ben Fox Smith. His summery vocal tones are only coming around at the perfect time. After a stellar gig at South By Southwest in 2002 and with the strength of this release, one can only hope the full length is as stellar as expected. Problem is, patience has never been one of my virtues. I need it now!

Taste Media

Things Fall Apart Again