Dying In Stereo

Northern State are three longtime friends from Long Island who started rapping on a lark a couple years ago and have never quit. The three girls of Northern State, Julie, Correne, and Robyn, have been bonding together through music since before high school, rocking out to such hometown heroes as De La Soul and Public Enemy. But it wasn't until they graduated from college and reunited in NYC that they began to put their talents into practice - reborn as Hesta Prynn, Guinea Love, and DJ Sprout. Their Beastie Boy-esque rhyming style and intelligent lyricism prompted Rolling Stone to give these three young hip-hoppers a four-star review in the most recent issue of the mag. That, combined with an ever-growing buzz around the Big Apple, led to a deal with our friends over at StarTime. Dying In Stereo, the group's first full length, gives a much-needed voice to the too-smart, bored-as-hell high school girl, and just might take Northern State from underground sensations to a staple MTV act.

Northern State
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Dying In Stereo