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Thirteen New Songs Are Ready To Go For Next Oasis Album

Oasis axe-man Noel Gallagher told NME that thirteen new songs have already been written for the follow-up to the band's latest effort, Heathen Chemistry. "I've got about five songs done, Liam's got about six, and Gem's got a couple," Noel revealed. Noel and Gem played one of the new tracks, "Stop The Clocks," earlier this month at a club night in Liverpool. Working titles of some of the other tracks are rumored to be "They Ain't Got Nothing On Me," "The Ain't Got Nothing On You," "Longer," " Singin' Your Life," "You Wanna Feel My Shame," "Say It," "Revolution Man," and "The Good Rebel."

Noel also shared his thoughts on the current state of music. "It's a great time for music at the moment... there's so much great real music. The Kings Of Leon are my new fucking favourite band. But I don't get the whole angst thing. I don't like The Vines, except for 'Get Free' - great track, but what have they got to be pissed off about?"

The as-yet-untitled new album from Oasis has no release date and is not expected to see the light of day until sometime in 2004.

Thirteen New Songs Are Ready To Go For Next Oasis Album