Stephen Malkmus Tapped To Open For Radiohead

Indie rock idol, Stephen Malkmus and his band
The Jicks have accepted an opening slot on Radiohead's forthcoming summer tour of North America. The former Pavement frontman and company will be onboard for the tour's first leg, which runs from August 12 though September 5. According to Billboard, the openers for Radiohead's second tour leg remain a mystery, but a full tour announcement is expected in about two weeks.

Malkmus said of the impending tour dates, "Those boys know how to cook on stage so it should be a blast. And they are super popular. I haven't done any big gigs like that in the U.S. since Lollapalooza. Hope I've learned something. We'll be hitting Canada again as well as Cleveland, Salt Lake [City], [Washington] D.C., Chi-town area, and Denver. A lot more places I can't remember."

Malkmus released Pig Lib, the follow-up to his self-titled post-Pavement solo debut, on March 18 via the good folks at Matador.

Stephen Malkmus Tapped To Open For Radiohead