You Forgot It In People

Broken Social Scene started and released a debut album as a two-piece, but the founding duo quickly recruited eight other members (including the beautiful and talented Emily Haines of NYCís Metric) to form the bandís current line-up. You Forgot It In People is The Broken Social Sceneís first release with the extended line-up and the hometown Canadian press is eating it up like a fresh box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. These underground darlings bring an insane amount of strange and beautiful instrumentation to the mix, and build on the collective energy of each individual band member to create a very unique sound.

You Forgot It In People is an album that gets better with each listen. Iím speaking from experience here, as Iíve probably listened to it 100 times straight through - no shit. While there are some quality songs on this album that could more than easily stand on their own, it is the constant flow of music from beginning to end that impresses me the most. Bookending You Forgot It In People are two instrumental tracks that both open and close the album with relaxing, atmospheric beauty. Between these vocal-less offerings are some truly incredible and diverse songs. Whether itís a band member warning his partners of an eminent tempo change on ìLooks Just Like The Sun,î the Charles Mingus and/or Radiohead-inspired saxophone teetering on the edge of the musical envelope in ìAlmost Crimes,î or the constant build up and release of collective energy on songs like ìCause=Time,î every offering has something special that allows it to stand out from the rest while instantaneously pushing forward towards a common goal - creative, musical, and emotional excellence. This just might be the best album youíve never heard of - until now.

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You Forgot It In People