Live - Insider Report From Rare Radiohead Promo Session

About 60 lucky people jammed the big room inside Electric Lady studios on
Wednesday evening for an acoustic performance from the always promotional
friendly band, Radiohead. The performance was being taped for re-broadcast
on several radio stations and it was the first time in a long time, got to
go back in the pre-Ok Computer era, that the band has agreed to doing any
sort of session or promotion like this.

The audience was a mix of radio winners from Boston, Philly and Baltimore
mixed in with the elite of the NY music industry. Thom and Johnny would be representing Radiohead on this occasion and they performed 8 songs drawing mainly for their new album, Hail To The Thief.

Despite some annoying technical difficulties, which included a mic which
seemed to drop out at all of the wrong times, which also led Thom to stop "Go
To Sleep" in the middle, curse out the mic and storm off, the session was a
beautiful example of how great Radiohead really is. Both the new and old
songs were a treat to see in this setting and Thom's voice was particularly
great on the new track, "I Will," and on the OK Computer classic, "No Surprises."

Complete Set List:

"I Might Be Wrong"

"Sail To The Moon"

"Go To Sleep"(Mic Stops Working, Breaks A Guitar String)

"Go To Sleep"

"A Punch Up At A Wedding"

"No Surprises"

"I Will" (Thom Solo)"

"There There"

"Everything In..." (Thom + Drum Machine)

"Karma Police"

A Q & A hosted by KCRW's Nic Hardcourt followed and the whole band came out
and fielded questions from audience members...

The band confirmed Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks for the first half of the North American tour and Supergrass On 2nd Leg.

Bands that they are listening to now - The Black Keys, Four Tet and a lot of German techno.

Thom said that he is "really in to" "No Surprises" right now and that, as with
many of their songs, their relevancy comes and goes and he thinks "No
Surprises" is once again relevant considering the state of affairs today.

Great band, great audience and a great performance - kudos to Capitol for
pulling it off.

Live - Insider Report From Rare Radiohead Promo Session