Contest - The Love And Rockets Winners Are...

The Tripwire and our good friends at Beggars are giving away 10 copies of Sorted, the new Best Of CD & DVD from Love And Rockets to the following people (whose favorite songs are mentioned). The CD is stacked with 15 tracks, that spans the band's entire discography, along with rare 7" singles that you would normally have to find on Ebay. Click more to see if you are a big weiner.

Kim Chi (Epitaph) - ìYin and Yang (the Flowerpot man)î

Taggy Lee Mermis Bowers (Lookout!) - ìHaunted When the Minutes Dragî

Mark Mauer (Fat Possum) - ìLazyî

Nik Carter (WBCN) - "No Big Deal (the remix)î

Peter Wohelski (Studio Distribution) - ìKundalini Expressî

Rob Webber (The Blackstone Group) - ìWaiting for the Flood"

Kerstin McInnis (Xbox) - ìBall of Confusionî

Josh Drown (Capacitor Design) - "No New Tale To Tell"

Kristin Carey (FUSE) - "American Dream"

Guilherme Marcel (PunkNet / Some Noise) ìMirror Peopleî

Tracey Buck (Slim's Nightclub) - "All in My Mind"

Source: The Tripwire

Contest - The Love And Rockets Winners Are...