Gatti vs Ward III ñ Better Than Matrix III or Star Wars Episode III

This was one of the best fights ever. One of boxing's greatest moments ñ and let me tell you, this sport has had very little to feel proud about in the past 10 years. There has been nothing but trash in the heavyweight division for a long time. The only press boxing gets on the heavyweight side of things is that Tyson gets a face tattoo (Yawn..wake me). There is no heavyweight division. This is a sleazy, dying sport. The days of Hagler/Hearns are long gone (in my opinion one of the best fights ever - three rounds of pure brawl).

But wait: two middleweight guys came along last year and changed this - Arturo "Thunder" Gatti and "Irish" Mickey Ward. These cats had their third fight this weekend ñ but who would know? What the hell is on the sports pages around the country today? Horse racing? You wonder why boxing is six feet underground. These two bulls came out for their third fight this weekend and put on a show that rivals any Star Wars or Lord of the Rings opening night any timeÖanywhere.

The first fight was won by the Irishman in a 10-round decision. That fight was a full-on 10-round brawl. Fight II was won by Gatti in another typhoon where Ward suffered a broken eardrum and Gatti had a broken hand. These two dudes have more heart than any bull in Seville.

Ok, fast forward to this weekend. The game plan was to have this be the biggest thing ever - and you know what? These two guys delivered, BIG TIME!!! But did you know about this? Did anyone?

Did you know that Gatti broke his hand in the fourth round but still battled on and won the fucking thing? Ok, the guy broke his hand and continued to fight!!! Ward battled hard and even knocked Gatti down early - but didn't get the decision. The 10th round was better than Probert/McSorley or Balboa/Creed I ñ these two cats were bloody and battling. And when the thunder let up - these guys hugged each other. I cried. This was magic.

But who cares right? Bull ñ me and Bert Sugar care and anyone who likes boxing should care. This is what this dying sport needs ñ more battles like this.

I salute these two war horses and anyone else who felt the thunder this weekend. This bout was promoted like a rock concert or a movie trilogy and it lived up to every minute of the hype. I stopped caring about Tyson a decade ago ñ but bring me more horses like Gatti/Ward and you know what? Boxing ñ will be BOXING again.


Gatti vs Ward III ñ Better Than Matrix III or Star Wars Episode III