Everybody's Changing

Quite an innocuous name, Keane. Sadly not named for the engine of the Manchester United midfield, Roy Keane, this trio from Battle, East Sussex instead revel in the timeless songsmithery also engaged in by the likes of Coldplay and Travis. The bandís debut EP, Everybodyís Changing, was release recently on the hallowed Fierce Panda label and has already sold out of its run, with no more pressings planned at this time. Seeing as Coldplay and Supergrass also got their starts with first singles for Fierce Panda, hopefully great things are on the horizon for this lot, as well. Frontman Tom Chaplin has that certain fey greatness to his voice, evoking comparisons to the Thom Yorkes, Fran Healys and Chris Martins of this world, but mainly Healy, with perhaps a bit more range. Tim Rice-Oxleyís piano is the other driving force of the title track, and considering when the band met at age 11, they were drawn to Timís excellent piano renditions of the Airwolf theme, things have come full circle. In what may be considered heresy in the singles world, the B-side, ìBedshaped,î may be even better, all heartbreaking melodies and windswept vocals, the perfect song for a rainy day. If youíre lucky enough to run down a copy, remember where the CD is when that day comes ñ youíll definitely want to pull it out.

Fierce Panda

Everybody's Changing