Neptunes Collect Star Trak Allstars For Clones

Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, better known as the Neptunes (or those guys that have been in every hip-hop video for the last year), are putting together a compilation album featuring artists from their own Star Trak label. The album, Star Trak PresentsÖ Clones, is slated to drop August 5 and is intended to get the word out on both the Neptunes' new label and its talented artists. According to Billboard, artists planned for inclusion include Dirt McGirt (formerly Ol' Dirty Bastard), Usher, Clipse, Kelis, Busta Rhymes, Spymob, and N*E*R*D. All songs included on Clones have been produced by the Neptunes, including a new N*E*R*D song and a Pharrell solo offering titled "Frontin.'"

N*E*R*D are also hard at work on their sophomore album. Hugo and Williams play their own instruments on the forthcoming release, though they are admittedly not the most accomplished musicians. Hugo told Billboard, "The last album, we had Spymob help us." "This time around, most of the record, we'll program things and play them ourselves. I don't really even play guitar or bass, but I've picked it up along the way. Pharrell is playing drums and keys."

Also on tap for N*E*R*D is a summer stint on the Sprite Liquid Mix Tour and a some production work for Britney Spears' next album.

Tentative Tracklist For Clones (in no particular order):

Rosco P. Coldchain - "Delinquent"

Rosco P. Coldchain - "Hot"

Kelis featuring Nas - "Popular Thug"

Kelis - "Daddy"

Spymob - "I Love You Baby"

Pharrell Williams featuring Jay-Z - "Frontin"

Fam-Lay - "Rock & Roll"

Clipse featuring Ab-Liva, Pharrell, and Rosco P. Coldchain - "Hot Damn"

Clipse - "Blaze of Glory"

Vanessa Marquez - "Good Girl"

Foxy Brown & Supercat - "The Don of Dons"

Supercat - "Lady"

Usher - "Sweet Lies"

Busta Rhymes - "Light Your Ass on Fire"

N*E*R*D - "Loser"

High Speed Scene - "For the Kids"

Dirt McGirt - "Operator"

Neptunes Collect Star Trak Allstars For Clones