Live - Winnebago Deal Turn It Up To 11 In London

Ahhh, the wonders of being in London. A large number of my favorite up and coming bands are either from London or roll through semi-regularly. Friday night, it was time to go to The Garage for the first time, to check out Winnebago Deal. The stars of Player .041 rip-roaringly rocked their way through a 9-track opening slot and surprised the hell out of me along the way. Recorded, they fuse punk, garage and even a touch of grunge, but live, they are a loud, furious, bludgeoning, punk-fuelled guitar and drum pair that must be heard to be believed. Much of their Fierce Panda debut mini album, Plata O Plomo, was aired out and drummer Ben Thomas must have had a medium helping him beforehand, because he was channeling Dave Grohl, a blur of thrashing long hair and pummeled percussive fury. Player track "Manhunt" was given the serious punk rock injection, completely transforming the song. Luckily for me, I had my earplugs, otherwise I would have been deaf for a week. But, even luckier for me, I got to see them in the first place. Props to Phil at Fierce Panda for his hospitality.

Winnebago Deal set list for June 13 at The Garage, London.

"Maximum Overdrive"

"Crib Job"

"Whiskey Business"

"Just Cruisin'"

"Harold's Dewlaps"

"Takin' Care Of Business"


"Dead Gone"

"Two Minute Warning"

Live - Winnebago Deal Turn It Up To 11 In London