Deep Red

Iíve only got one thing to say and it is this: Deadly Avenger is DOPE. Ever since his 1995 12î release ìMilosí Theme,î the Avenger, a.k.a., Damon Baxter, has been rocing headz with his trip-hop/big beat/cinematic cut and paste artistry. From Deep Redís brilliant opener, ìWe Took Pelham,î which sees a 47-piece Hungarian orchestra covering ìGoing The Distanceî from Rocky (you know, the good song. Not that crap ass ìGonna Fly Nowî track, but the epic driving orchestral piece), the tone is set for a championship effort. Producing sounds similar to David Holmes or Rob Dougan, Deadly Avenger composes down-tempo, breakbeat and even trancier-leaning songs, blending them seamlessly into one singular listening experience. Crisp, jazzy beats, dope breaks, and Baxterís overriding vision to fuse those beats with a wide-screen stereophonic sound rank Deep Red up in the electronic music hierarchy with DJ Shadow, Tricky and Massive Attack. Rarified air in those parts; good thing The Avenger has the lungs for it.

Deadly Avenger
Shadow Records

Deep Red