Blending summery West Coast pop and ë80s UK pop isnít something many bands are doing these days. As a matter of fact, Iím not sure I can name more than two or three, but The Tyde are doing an exceptionally good job of it. Their debut album for Rough Trade, Twice, throws bits of Johnny Marr, Lloyd Cole, The Byrds, Teenage Fanclub and brothers-in-arms (literally and figuratively) Beachwood Sparks in the Cuisinart, strains it, and lays it out in the Los Angeles sun to bake to a golden brown. The resultant pop gem sparkles with the shimmering album opener ìA Loner,î the bouncy-as-a-kindergarten-class-on-a-trampoline ìCrystal Canyons,î Doctor Who on a surfboard number ìMemorable Moments,î and the jangletastic ìHenry VIII.î Frontman Darren Rademaker has the perfect slacked out West Coast pop delivery and brother Brent, who fronts the aforementioned Beachwood Sparks lays down the four-string groove. Dare I say, Twice is the perfect record for lying about in the sun, doing a whole lot of nothing. And enjoying every second of it, might I add.

The Tyde
Rough Trade Records