Blink-182 Rope In Robert Smith, Shadow, Automator On New Album

The world is a strange place. Itís not overly surprising that locker room humorists Blink-182 would alter a Guns Ní Roses album title for their own next release. What is surprising, however, is that none other than Robert Smith of The Cure will provide guest vocals on a song. Use Your Erection I and II will drop either the last week of October or first week of November (the band says one, the label the other) and along with Smith, features guest appearances from DJ Shadow and Dan The Automator. Those are three people you wouldnít exactly equate with the punk-pop sensation that is Blink, but Blink/Transplants/Box Car Racer drummer Travis Barker told MTV ì”We just got a lot of people who … we love and we look up to. [The Smith collaboration] is a super downer. I mean, there’s some dark songs on the record. It’s pretty cool.” With a line up like that, youíd have to agree with him.

POSTED June 18, 2003 12:00AM IN THE TRIPWIRE




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