Caesars Set To Rule The US Tonight!

Alcoholic beverage commercial soundtrack providers Caesars will kick off a six-date US tour tonight at popscene in San Francisco. The band's songs "I'm Gonna Kick You Out" and "Jerk It Out" have been used in a Smirnoff Ice and Michelob ad respectively in the States, but the band are setting out to show US audiences that they're more than just some beer commercial band. 39 Minutes Of Bliss, Caesars' debut US album (via Astralwerks), culls its tracks from the band's three Sweden-only albums, and is a high-energy, slightly goofy, offering that should translate extremely well into a live setting.

Caesars were in the US earlier this year in an opening slot for fellow-Scandinavians, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. According to Rolling Stone, the band made a significant impact with a Stateside audience the last time around - enough to bring people out for this quick 6-date excursion. If you live in San Francisco, LA, NYC, or Boston, check these guys out. If you live anywhere else, you're S.O.L., because they're not wasting any time with lame corn-growing Midwesterners, or banjo-playing Southern hillbillies.

Caesars Tour Dates:

06.19.03 - San Francisco, CA (popscene @330 Ritch St.)

06.20.03 - Los Angeles, CA (Spaceland)

06.21.03 - Los Angeles, CA (Viper Room)

06.23.03 - New York, NY (Sin-e)

06.24.03 - Brooklyn, NY (Southpaw)

06.25.03 - Boston, MA (Paradise)

Caesars Set To Rule The US Tonight!