Scorpio Rising

It took a while, but Death In Vegasí wonderful Scorpio Rising album is now finally out in the States, courtesy of our friends at Sanctuary Records. Itís the third album for the duo of Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes and this time around they invited a number of their high-profile friends along for the ride. Donating their myriad skills to Scorpio are Oasisí Liam Gallagher, Paul Weller, Mazzy Starís Hope Sandoval, Mani of The Stone Roses and Primal Scream, Nicola Kuperus of Adult and Fearlessí own lady friend, Dot Allison. The result? A greatly varied and highly dynamic electronic rock record that runs the gamut from grimy, late-night electroclash (Kuperusí brilliantly-vocalled ìHands Around My Throatî) to psychedelic pop (Gallagherís mind-blowing title track) to the ë60s-flavored sitar madness that is ìSo You Say You Lost Your Baby,î featuring the Modfather himself, Weller. All in all, an amazing album, full of surprises at every turn. Essential.

Death In Vegas
Sanctuary Records

Scorpio Rising