Death Cab For Cutie Get Transatlanticism On Your Ass

Death Cab For Cutie have set a release date of October 7 for their forthcoming album, Transatlanticism, which will be released on Barsuk Records. The darlings of Bellingham,WA, will unload eleven new tracks on the heads of indie rock spazzoids everywhere, and promote the heckfire out of it with a huge North American tour (dates and locations TBA). Transatlanticism is the fourth full length from the Death Cabbers, who have remained busy in between recordings. Singer Ben Gibbardís side project, The Postal Service, and their lovely computer-generated pop songs, has been dominating the MTV2 airwaves, while guitarist Chris Walla produced The Stratford 4's Love And Distortion and is currently recording Dismemberment Plan singer Travis Morrisonís solo record. Death Cab will spend most of July touring Australia.

Transatlanticism track listing:

"The New Year"


"Title and Registration"

"Expo '86"

"The Sound of Settling"

"Tiny Vessels"


"Passenger Seat"

"Death of an Interior Decorator"

"We Looked Like Giants"

"A Lack of Color"

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Death Cab For Cutie Get Transatlanticism On Your Ass