Live - Elefant Remember To Rock Chicago's Ass Off

New York Cityís Elefant stampeded through Chicagoís Empty Bottle Thursday night, leaving nothing but dropped jaws and broken hearts in their wake. Dressed in all black like The Omen, the shaggy-haired rhythm section plugged in their instruments as they awaited slim shady singer Diego Garcia, whose balls must have been crying all night due to his constricting Mick Jagger-esque pants. Diego is a looney toon man, seriously. As the band sparked up the title track from their marvelous new record, Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, the vocals sounded like they were coming through a sock, wrapped in a paper bag while immersed underwater....sounded like I thought to myself, self, this is going to blow.

Diego must have thought the same thing as he dropped the mic (the first of many rock star mic drops) and left the stage, running back to the sound booth as the band played on. After fixing the vocals we had a show...and what a show it was. Diego, standing about 6-foot-4 weighing in at about 125 pounds resembles Johnny Deppís character in the movie Blow (or

The pulsating bass of James Berrall felt like a roller coaster ride along a 4-string track of pulchritude, as the robust drums of bearded Kevin McAdams pounded away at the foundation of the of enraptured bodies. The guitarist known as Mod is the silent killer of the crew, plucking away hit after hit, twisting the knobs for the right amount of screeching feedback and outstanding effects. And Diego, the absent minded front man with the heart of a true artist, swooped his arms at the pinnacle of each song, as if he were conducting his Elefant orchestra like Doc Severnson from back in the Tonight Show days.

The showís closer ìBokkie,î the second single in my opinion, was preempted as Diego tried to get the entire band a shot of tequila, after a fan bought one for only him. After waiting a few minutes Diego, who loved jumping off stage more than Axl Rose in a St. Louis arena, ran to the bar and came back with a quart of Jose Cuervo in tow. Once the shots were drank, the band shot the crowd in the face with a commanding spray of sound more powerful than pepper or even hair for that matter (some hairsprays made in Ecuador are so deadly that they are illegal, look into it).

Elefant have released a 3-song EP in addition to their effervescent new CD Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, both on a label you have heard probably never heard of, Kemado Records. This bass driven, narcotic voiced band are fucking top notch, there is no doubt about it. Managed by the same cat who helped blow up Interpol, there is no doubt that you will be hearing more from this staggering outfit who have written a truly impeccable record...a record that sounded just as good in the car ride home, as it did when they performed it live right before my ears.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Elefant Remember To Rock Chicago's Ass Off