Live - Alkaline Trio Warm Up A Chilly Milwaukee Summerfest

I drove an hour and a half from Chicago to Milwaukee Saturday night to see the Alkaline Trio at the annual Summerfest. The cheeseheads love this annual excuse to drink and listen to great music, as Sum 41, Tom Petty, and many others graced the various stages on the shore of Lake Michigan, but the real story was the Alkaline Trio.

Ripping right into the first track from their fourth album, Good Mourning, the Trio jolted the crowd (comprised of a decent amount of punkers and small children with homemade mowhawks) into action with ìThis Could Be Love.î As the set continued, more treats from Good Mourning emerged like the anti-radio single, ìWeíve Had Enough,î and the Dan Andriano voiced ì100 Stories,î ìEmma,î and ìMaybe Iíll Catch Fireî from the bandís sophomore album bearing the same name.

As the set raged on, only two tracks found on From Here To Infirmary emerged: "Armageddon" and "Another Innocent Girl." Other favorites included ìHell Yesî from the Lookout 7î, ìQueen of Painî from the split EP with Hot Water Music, and a few classics for the tried and true fans, ìMy Friend Peter,î "I Lied My Face Off," ìGoodbye Forever,î and the set closer of all set closers, ìRadio.î

As the sun went down and the cool wind flew in from off the Lake, I realized how awesome this band was, and how close they are to breaking out like Green Day, Rancid, Offspring, or Blink-182. The set was perfect, Skibaís voice sounded good, and it was definitely worth the drive to the Great White North. Major thanks to Dan Andriano for sneaking me into the show.

"This Could Be Love"

"We've Had Enough"

"Maybe I'll Catch Fire"

"100 Stories"



"All On Black"

"I Lied My Face Off"


"Queen of Pain"

"Another Innocent Girl"

"Goodbye Forever"

"If We Never Go Inside"

"My Friend Peter"

"Hell Yes"


Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Alkaline Trio Warm Up A Chilly Milwaukee Summerfest