Decks & The City Vol. 2: Chicago

Between Ibiza Anthems Volume 49 and Chill Out Session 12, the DJ mix/compilation market place has been flooded with fluff CDs, usually all containing the same tracks mixed by Pro Tools hacks. Gotta give props to the folks at Takeout Records who have taken a fresh approach to the DJ mix compilation. With their series, Decks and the City, they look to spotlight a DJ and sound from that particular hotbed of beats. The first effort showcased the DJ talents of New Yorkís Marcus and Dominique who whipped up a nice bumping mix of New York styled house.

The series makes the logical next step to Chicago with one of its finest jocks, Diz.
While dance music has mutated into many different forms, and gone from the underground to mainstream outlets, one thing can be counted on ñ the Chicago DJs and producers will keep it real. The underground in the Windy City seems to continuously produce top-level house DJs and producers that not only keep a soulful, jackiní sound but also expand the traditional house structure into different realms. While Derrick Carter and Mark Farina have gone on to global success, Diz has been crankiní out sweaty sets in the cityís coolest underground clubs and has a top notch resume of production credits both with partner Iz and as part of the UK collective Freaks.

The mix starts off nice and easy, dusting with some nice soulful tracks that seem to be giving you a wink, like this shit is building so hold on. Always locked into the groove, Diz starts to really kick into the mix with Mark Farinaís new single ìTime To Jackî ñ itís here where listening to this CD gets frustrating ñ cause you ainít on the dance floor. Diz goes ìswing house,î dropping tracks from Shaftbury Sisters and Mike Dixon. Things smooth out at then end of the mix with some sweet dubbed out tracks from JT Donaldson and Joshua. If youíre looking for the big hits or anthems, look elsewhere. If you want something deep, soulful and just twisted enough ñ lock into the groove w/Diz and enjoy!

Takeout Records

Decks & The City Vol. 2: Chicago