Cracked Bones Cheap Skin

Taking a look at a picture of Fi-Lo Radio (nice name, by the way), one thing jumps out. These kids look YOUNG. However, donít let that fool you; this trio from Preston can bring the rock like bands 10 years their senior. A sonic cocktail of The Pixies and, perhaps, Silverchair, with in your face guitars and dynamic percussion, ìCracked Bones Cheap Skinî is a song for today. Frontman Jon Lee spits and growls with vitriol, demanding to be heard and be heard NOW, while his mates play with similar demands. ìCracked Bones Cheap Skinî, their newest single on Double Dragon, explodes from the speakers with musical determination, the determination to be a special band, one that has longevity, one that does the unexpected and grows with each release. With a song like ìCracked Bones Cheap Skinî in their early career, the sky is the limit for Fi-Lo Radio. You heard it here first. Now hear it for yourself.

Fi-Lo Radio
Double Dragon

Cracked Bones Cheap Skin