Ascend To The Stars

Last Days Of April are a spectacular quartet from Sweden, where the meatballs are as firm as the bikini team. Last Days Of April have been pumping their hypnotic brand of charming melodies into the hearts of fans everywhere for the past seven years, thanks to a pair of Swedish labels (Trust No One Records, Bad Taste Records). Santa Monica-based Crank! (Mineral, Cursive, The Icarus Line) released the bandís latest piece of perfection, Ascend To The Stars, which acts like a tour guide on a never ending trip through heaven and all its majestic sights. In the magnificent vein of Jimmy Eat World or The Promise Ring, Last Days Of April write some pretty emotionally driven rock, with endearing falsetto vocals and whirling guitars. ìAll Will Breakî is first class, a pleaser that will tug on the hearts strings just as fast as give you goose bumps. Last Days Of April sound like what dreams are made of.

Last Days Of April

Ascend To The Stars