Blood Is The New Black

The Love Scene are a powerhouse new outfit from the Garden State of New Jersey. After releasing their debut In A Real Country Dark EP in 2001, they went back into the studio with Alap Momin from the hip hop ensemble Dalek, to lay down tracks which would appear on their latest offering, Blood Is The New Black. The new 4-song EP is a blend of classic American country, blues, and rock & roll that will appeal to the biggest Wilco or Ryan Adams fan. The Love Scene sound as if they were placed in a time capsule back in the ë70s, as their rural riffs, gentle rhythms, and palpable vocals reek of a bong filled with retro rock water. Blood Is The New Black is a spectacular disc loaded with cut after cut of long-haired, cut off jean, and flip flop flair...with a mesh hat on top. The Love Scene will spend the summer touring with Jets To Brazil, and then, the plan is to toke, we mean take, over the world.

The Love Scene
Fenway Recordings

Blood Is The New Black