Young Liars

In the fall of 2001, Tunde Adebimpe (Ah-day-beem-pay) and David Andrew Sitek (Sit-eck) became TV On The Radio, a pair of instrumentalists and recording masters who turned out a 24-song compilation of four-track recordings called OK Calculator and realized that their eclectic brand of clever shit must hit the fan...and hit it did. Equipped with more gadgets than the Ghostbusters (samplers, loop pedals, keyboards) the crew began performing improvised sets in the pulsating city of Williamsburg, gaining oos and ahhs from the alternative locals. Now a three-piece, TVOTR have released their debut 5-song EP, Young Liars, on the Chicago based Touch and Go label (Calexico, Man Or Astroman?, Silkworm), a scorching mainframe of delicious electro-noise. ìStaring At The Sunî is the standout single that has the soul of Prince and the maniacal drive of Aphex Twin, which makes for some insane hip shaking that canít be funked with.

TV On The Radio
Touch & Go

Young Liars