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Fun Lovin' Criminals Welcome You To Poppy's In September

ìStick ëem up yíall, itís the Fun Loviní Criminals!î Remember them? Along with that jam and the wondrous ìScooby Snacks,î the world seemed like it was the íCriminals in 1996. Frontman Huey Morgan and flavor-of-the-year Saffron, frontwoman of Republica, were the rock couple of the year, at least in the UK, where FLC attained greater heights. A few disappointing albums and run-ins with the law later and the band got dropped, but Sanctuary Records stepped in earlier this year and picked up the trio and will be releasing their new album, which is currently being mixed in the bandís hometown of NYC, this fall. Not only that, but the band is recording not one, but two separate soundtrack albums this year, with another pair to follow next year. One of this yearís soundtracks is for Oh Marbella, the new film from UK comedian Rik Mayall, best known for his role as Rick in The Young Ones, as well as his appearance in the truly dreadful Drop Dead Fred. Their new work, Welcome To Poppyís, is scheduled to drop in the US on September 9.

Fun Lovin' Criminals Welcome You To Poppy's In September