Tribe Called Quest Reunion Marred By Logistical Problems

After spending a few years with various side/
solo projects, groundbreaking hip-hop
masterminds A Tribe Called Quest
have started laying down tracks for a reunion
album. However,
reports that a series of legal/logistical
problems have prompted Q-Tip,
Phife Dawg, and Ali Shaheed
Muhammad to put the highly-anticipated
album on hold for the moment. First off, the
band's contractual obligation to Jive has yet to
be fulfilled, though the label did release a
greatest hits of sorts last month called
Hits, Rarities & Remixes. Another
setback is the fact that Q-Tip has a
new deal with DreamWorks and is hard at
work getting that project together. The as
yet-untitled album is expected to be released
early next year.

Likewise, Muhammad is working on
a solo debut for iMusic that is expected to hit
the streets in November of this year and
PhifeÖ well, I'm sure he's up to
something important.

As soon as all the logistics surrounding the
three Tribe members are ironed out,
the album will be back on track. Let's just
hope that it's sometime this

Tribe Called Quest Reunion Marred By Logistical Problems