Public Access

While sadly not composed of an army of droids, IMA Robot is a quintet featuring one Justin Meldal Johnsen, the bassist for Beck. Also on board the 'Robot is Beck drummer Joey Waronker. However, before you think that the Robot is a Beck clone act, let me set you straight. There is no disco vibe or acoustic guitar songsmithery (depending on what era Beck you think may be involved) to be heard. They are a nu skool new wave quintet from sunshiny Los Angeles that combine aspects of Devo, Gang Of Four and a bit of Howard DeVoto into a new sonic collage. Spiky synths, jagged guitars, off-kilter vocals from band founder Alex Ebert and a certain late ë70s/early ë80s art-punk vibe permeate throughout the Robotís EP Public Access. Lead track ì12=3 (Here Comes The Doctors)î could be The Faint without the sinister synth underbelly, while ìBlack Jettasî is a far funkier number, discussing the problem of living in Los Angeles where everyoneís ex-girlfriend has a black Jetta. Amusing and guaranteed to get your ass shaking. Do the Robot, everyone!

IMA Robot
Virgin UK

Public Access