Forever Reeling

Teenagers arenít usually writing songs about the North American Free Trade Agreement or corporate mediaís stranglehold over mainstream culture but Kinesis are no normal teenagers. Blessed (or cursed) with intelligence and a platform to air their views, the quartet from Bolton manages to write stellar agit-punk-pop tunes with meaning, without coming across as a bunch of protest singers turned up to 11. ìForever Reelingî is yet another hook-filled anthem, following in the footsteps of ìAnd They Obey,î and ìBillboard Beauty.î As the chorus crashes in, crunchy guitars swarm and singer Michael Bromley kicks the volume up a few notches, making sure his point is heard. And, as anyone who witnessed the bandís excellent showcase at this yearís South By Southwest Festival, these youngsters give it all they have in the live forum, as well. Brains and brawn are a hard combination to beat. So just make it easy on yourself and join them, instead.


Forever Reeling