Live - Ben Lee: The Aftertaste Was A Great Performance

Last night, the fifth date into his tour opening
for Fountains of Wayne, Ben
Lee returned to New York Cityís Irving Plaza to
win over one of the toughest crowds in the
country. Coming on stage with
McGowen, his lead guitarist, and a
back up vocalist ñ he did just that. NYC is a tough place to impress and there is
no question this crowd was no different. But
by the middle of the third song the crowd
said, ìok, this kid is good and, shit, can he write
songs.î And on top of that, he can perform
and has an incredible sense of

Ben is one of the funniest people
out there, and he is all about the love. During
his new song ìChills,î he invited a couple on
stage to dance together. He introduced the
song as the new Extreme ìMore than
Wordsî or the new Poison ìEvery
Rose Has Its Thorn.î He then invited them to
stay onstage and hold up the lyric sheet to
another song, as Ben couldnít
remember the words. I think this knocked the
crowd out and was truly a beautiful moment.
This tune ìChills,î could be everybodyís prom
song next year.

Coming out in his trademark blazer with the
cut off sleeves, Ben introduced many
new songs from his upcoming 8/12 release;
Hey You. Yes You. We also got some
classics off of Breathing Tornados
and Grandpaw Would.

In addition, we were also treated with some
covers - one of which Ben has been
doing a lot of lately and gets the same
reaction every time. Ben starts a few
bars and everyone seems to be unsure ñ then
when he sings ìI am beautifulî ñ most people
start to laugh , realizing ñ wow, this is a
Christina Aguilera cover. Soon
though, people begin to not only realize the
beauty of this song and its lyrics, but that his
version is absolutely stunning.

A few more classics and a one more new tune
and Ben then closed with another
classic tune that got major approval - The
Smithsí ìShoplifters Of the World Unite.î

This is a very talented singer/songwriter and
simply an incredible person to listen to and
watch. Ben continues his tour thru
7/28 where he ends up in LA. Check his official website for the
rest of the tour dates. The album will be in
stores on F2 Music on 8/12. Ben returns to his
native Australia in August to promote a film he
stars in called The Rage in Placid Lake. It will be presented at this monthís 52nd
Melbourne International Film Festival. Look for
a US release possibly early next

Thanks Ben for a great

PS ñ to all of you folks who come to shows just
to talk while artists are performing ñ please,
just stay the fuck home and talk to your

Live - Ben Lee: The Aftertaste Was A Great Performance