One Little Indian Will Give The US The Finger This Summer

UK-based One Little Indian Records recently opened an office on US soil and is gearing up for the release of The Finger's two-part CD We Are Fuck You/Punk's Dead Let's Fuck on September 23. The Finger is the "secret" punk band featuring Jess Malin (bass), Ryan Adams (guitar), painter/singer Colin Burns (vocals) and Johnny T. (drums). Because of contractual conflicts, Adams and Malin are listed as "Warren Peace" and "Irving Plaza" in the liner notes. The other two members are "Jim Beahm" and "Rick O'Shea" respectively. Speaking to Billboard, Jesse Malin shed some light on the secretive nature of the band. He said, "I heard that some of the people involved are signed to other companies, other contracts, so they have to be careful. They don't want to have a big lawsuit over punk rock. I heard that some people that looked like me and Ryan, Johnny and Colin were drunk, and then the next day they went in [to the studio]."

Malin coyly continues, "And I heard that somebody that looked like me played bass on it. And I heard that the people that they said we were wrote those songs on the spot, recorded them and mixed it, and the whole thing was done in the matter of four [or] five hours, walking in there with just the night before's hangovers, saying, 'Let's go in and make a hardcore record.' I heard it's a lot of fun and I heard the record's pretty good. There's talk of a third record, Poor Man's Airport, which hasn't been recorded yet."

We Are Fuck You/Punk's Dead Let's Fuck track listing:



"Come for $$$"


"Inside My Brain"

"No Roolz"

"Snakes and Scorpions"

"Never Ever"

"Run It Down"

"Wasted Hours"

"Hunger Plan"

"Nail and Tooth"

"No Slaves"

"See No Skin"

"Secret 66"

"Too Stoopid"

"Casper Lynch"

"Punk's Dead Let's Fuck"

"What Is It"

"The Finger"

One Little Indian Will Give The US The Finger This Summer