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Something New & Different: Kids Blame Music For Making Them Kill

Wait a minute. Havenít we played this game already? San Bernardino police are trying to link the killing of a 22-year-old to the music of Slipknot. Didn't we learn any lessons in the Judas Priest or Ozzy cases? The killers, aged 20 and 16 (a female!!), stabbed their prey over 20 times before slashing his throat. Thatís pleasant. They had tried to kill the man two weeks prior, but he left before they could pull off the crime. After being caught, they two said theyíd been listening to Slipknot and quoted some lyrics from the band. Iíd rather kill MYSELF than have to listen to Slipknot, but thatís not the point. The bottom line is that at some point, there needs to be some sense of fucking responsibility, and thatís just not happening. Why not blame it on the murderersí 85 IQ or their paint huffing habits or sheep shagging tendencies? Blaming it on music is, on one hand, a weak copout and on the other, completely ridiculous. How about we stop cutting back on school budgets and get some of these inbreds some education? How about parents start teaching their kids about the value of human life and maybe these horrific events wonít happen any longer? We can always hope.

Something New & Different: Kids Blame Music For Making Them Kill