Live - Motion City Soundtrack Sell Out Chicagoís Fireside Bowl

Straight out of the Midwest, Motion City Soundtrack hit up Chicagoís small and grimy Fireside Bowl (infamous for its punk rock shows) in celebration of their first full-length album I Am The Movie, which hit shelves via Epitaph last month. The guys of Motion City are now touring the States after a series of European dates and seemed thrilled to be rocking with their Chicago fans. Justin Pierre on vocals/guitar, who was sporting one of those greasy, ìI havenít washed my hair in two weeksî haircuts, made it clear that the Fireside show was their first-ever sold out show and thanked all the kids for coming out. With a busted cymbal and some minor technical difficulties, the band still had the crowd jumping and bobbing their heads. With Firesideís very limited stage size, Motion City Soundtrackís normal on-stage antics were a bit restricted, but Jesse Johnson on the moog stirred up some wild dancing acrobatics. Who said keyboardists couldnít get down behind the keys?

A good thing about shows at the Fireside bowling alley is that anywhere you stand, you feel that vibration from the speakers. The small venue (if thatís what you can label it) makes sure concertgoers will be able to hear and feel that they are actually at a rock show.

Over the course of the evening, the band played most of their tracks off of I Am The Movie and had the crowd throwing fists in the air at the opening notes of ìThe Future Freaks Me Out,î which has been receiving some commercial specialty and alt radio airplay as of late. Motion City Soundtrack left the crowd wanting more after their 45-minute show, but no one left disappointed. The band will be touring throughout July and kick off a week-long stint on the Warped Tour beginning August 3. Catch them if you can.

Source: Sergio Flores

Live - Motion City Soundtrack Sell Out Chicagoís Fireside Bowl