The Music Live DVD Out In UK On September 1

Although they have spent much of the past year touring the States, Leeds boys The Music were touring around their native country during much of 2002. in fact, before they ran around the US with new soul mates The Vines and later with ex-Far suspect-metal act Revolution Smile, the youngsters who blend The Verve with The Stone Roses and Led Zeppelin even recorded a live show in their hometown. That concert is now set to see the light of day on DVD, via Hut in the UK. The 12-song concert, called Live At The Blank Canvas DVD, has been captured in its entirety and if you fancy seeing jams like ìTake The Long Road and Walk It,î ìThe People,î and the white-hot instrumental set closer ìThe Walls Get Closer,î then September 1 is your day. As it is currently only scheduled for UK release, perhaps you can pull a few strings and finagle a copy of your own. Provided you have a multi-region DVD player.

The Music Live At The Blank Canvas DVD track listing:

ìThe Danceî

ìJag Tuneî

ìThe Truth Is No Wordsî


ìLet Love Be The Healerî

ìNew Instrumentalî

ìTurn Out the Lightî

ìThe Peopleî

ìToo Highî

ìTake The Long Road And Walk Itî


ìThe Walls Get Smallerî

The Music Live DVD Out In UK On September 1