Vampire Racecourse

Rumor has it that The Sleepy Jackson had gone through so many lineup changes that the press department got sick of writing new biographies each month and decided to call the band the brainchild of frontman Luke Steele and just call the rest of the band hired guns, in essence. Whether or not this is true, but it does make for a good story. The Jackson are a quarter from Perth, Australia, who arenít wholly different from Flaming Lips or Mercury Rev. Their (his?) debut album, Lovers, dropped this week in the UK (it drops later this month in the States), but the first single, ìVampire Racecourseî is already floating about the airwaves in Australia and the UK. A driving psychedelic pop number, the track evokes Brian Wilsonís West Coast pop on LSD mixed with the Velvet Underground to great results. Steele may be pretty damn funny looking (see the single cover), but the boy sure can write a song. Hopefully, he'll give the good people in the PR department a rest and stick with this line up a while.

The Sleepy Jackson

Vampire Racecourse