Chem Bros' Singles 93-03 Finally Taking Shape

As you have read on The Tripwire a few times in the past month, groundbreaking acid breakbeat/dance duo Chemical Brothers are preparing a greatest hits package to commemorate 10 years of excellent singles. Well,theyíve finally announced the track listing, and itís a doozy. Not only is there a 13-track greatest hits CD that includes ìLeave Home,î ìSetting Sun,î ìHey Boy Hey Girl,î ìLet Forever Be,î and ìBlock Rockiní Beats,î as well as two new tracks, ìGet Yourself Highî (with K-OS) and ìThe Golden Path,î recorded with The Flaming Lips, but there is also a bonus limited-edition second disc with remixes, rarities and live tracks. Also hitting shelves on the same September 23 street date is a matching DVD, featuring live footage, all the bands videos, and other bonus fun. Check below to see if your favorite track made the final cut or if that song youíve been looking for forever is finally available on the rarities disc.

Chemical Brothers track listing for The Singles 93-03

Disc 1:

"Song to the Siren"

"Chemical Beats"

"Leave Home"

"Setting Sun"

"Block Rockin' Beats"

"Private Psychedelic Reel"

"Hey Boy Hey Girl"

"Let Forever Be"

"Out of Control"

"Star Guitar"

"The Test"

"Get Yourself High"

"The Golden Path"

Disc 2:

"Not Another Drugstore" (Planet Nine mix)

"The Duke"

"If You Kling to Me I'll Klong to You"

"Otter Rock"

"Morning Lemon"

"Galaxy Bounce" (original version)

"Loops of Fury"


"Electrobank" (live)

"Under the Influence" (mix 2)

"Piku Playground" (live)

Chem Bros' Singles 93-03 Finally Taking Shape