Thereís just something about Rob McVeyís voice that makes you just love anything Longview release. His tones hit you straight in the solar plexus, finding the cracks in your ribcage and working their way into your deepest emotional recesses. He and his quartet from Manchester are currently touring their native land and they have re-released their single ìFurtherî just prior to their debut full length album, Mercury, hitting shelves next week. Melding the classic songwriting of Coldplay with the jangly, shoegazing aspects of Ride or Revolver, the boys from Greater Mancunia produce epic, sweepingly gorgeous pop songs, simultaneously heart-achingly beautiful and sky-scrapingly grandiose. As a b-side, thereís even a remix by the bandís friends,the similarly headspaced Elbow. What else can you ask for? Just wait until you read the review of Mercury. Youíll be chomping at the bit.

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