Being Followed

Now this is a funky bunch. You may remember Rocket Science from their debut appearance on Player .041 with the track ìHeavy Traffic.î The quartet from Melbourne, Australia, want to remind you of their indie rock power and have released the first single, ìBeing Followed,î off their latest long-player, Contact High. Chock full of groovy basslines, quirky organ, and the timbres of frontman Roman Tucker, this offering from Down Under is definitely different than anything you've heard in 2003. A tribal drumbeat beckons, the organ squawks and a bassline straight out of 1979 enters the fray, causing the listener to engage in some serious grooving. All in all, the track is more like Brian Ferry's ìLove Is The Drugî than anything from this millennium. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you.

Rocket Science
Eat Sleep Records

Being Followed