Live - Easyworld/Delays Team Up For Fab London Double Bill

A muggy and breezy evening in London meant it was nice
to get out of the house and into somewhere with air
conditioning. Someplace like ULU, where Delays
and Easyworld were playing an excellent double
bill. After having fallen in love with Delays
two singles and Easyworld's 2002 debut This
Is Where I Stand
, I was greatly anticipating this
gig, and with good reason.

Southampton's Delays were first to hit the
stage, all blond moptops (save the drummer) and
Byrdsian harmonies. Their 30-minute set
consisted of singles, b-sides and new material, most
of which was in the same Byrds meets
La's meets
Shimmery, hollow body guitar lines, with two or
three-part harmonies and pop sensibility aplenty are
Delays signatures and on the wondrous "Hey
Girl" and "Nearer Than Heaven," these attributes shone
most brightly. The two final songs incorporated synth
and percussion loops under the jangle, boosting the
depth of the songs immensely. I am greatly
anticipating their Rough Trade debut to see if more of
the album heads in this direction, as well.

After a pint or two, the trio from Eastbourne hit the
stage and kicked into a stripped down acoustic number.
While I thought that was a strange way to start off a
show, it quickly blended into a far faster song,
getting the crowd instantly pogoing along. Frontman
Dav Ford's vocals were as clean as on record
and the catchy songs seemed to keep on coming.
"Junkies," "Try Not To Think," and "A Stain to Never
Fade" were all glorious in their pop bounce, while the
explosive "Bleach" had the kids in front jumping as if
on a trampoline. New songs were worked into the set,
as well, including the next single, the US
government-baiting "2nd Amendment." The band left the
stage to loud cheers, only to reappear with the
spine-chilling title track and one more jump-around
special to leave the kids on a high. With all the
grins in the crowd on the way out, I'd say they

Live - Easyworld/Delays Team Up For Fab London Double Bill