Live - Seabiscuit Goes For Gold, Spiderman Sports Red Hair

Seabiscuit is a captivating story about beating the odds. A story this
beautiful and inspiring could only be true. Based on a novel by Laura Hillenbrand, the film casts a portrait around the troubled times that framed life during the 1930s and one horse, Seabiscuit. Directed by Gary Ross, (Pleasantville, Dave) the film captures the heart of horse racing, along with the troubles our country was facing during the Depression without becoming boring or repetitive. In doing so, the film escapes to short narrated black and white sequences of the past.

The essence of the story is based on three men and one horse. All have lost something and are able to find it again within each other. Red Pollard (Tobey Maguire), Charles Howard (Jeff Bridges), Tom Smith (Chris Cooper) (whose acting is of another caliber), and Seabiscuit hold the starring roles. While the film touches on many different subjects, the overall themes are heroism, lost hope regained and overcoming the odds. The musical score was so powerful at times I felt I was at the race myself, though this might have something to do with my late arrival and second row seats. The aerial shots of Red racing are phenomenal. On-air radio personality Tick-Tock McGlaughlin (William H. Macy) adds great comedic and historical value through out the film.

After the film, I was ready to hit the Belmont races; instead, we were
escorted into beautiful room with a gourmet buffet and wine. Seeing as I
haven't paid my rent this month, things could not have worked out better.
All and all a lovely evening.

Source: Lindsay Towle

Live - Seabiscuit Goes For Gold, Spiderman Sports Red Hair