Ben Folds Drops Internet-Only EP Today, Two More To Follow

Prolific ivory tickler Ben Folds will release a trilogy of EPs before year's end, the first of which, Speed Graphic, is available now. All three EPs will only be available via Ben's website, at his forthcoming tour with Tori Amos, and on vinyl in select small indie retailers. Folds is currently working on the second EP, called Sunny 16, which he hopes to make available in September. A third, yet to be titled EP will follow in November. For those unaccustomed to the whole online EP thing, and who can only purchase music at megastores, a new Folds full length is due at the beginning of 2004. So what's the deal with the constant outflow of new music from Ben Folds? He put it like this on his website, "I have 24-hour access to a studio now, so I'm using it." Fair enough Mr. Folds, sounds good to me.

Ben continued, "Quietly releasing my music as EP's allow[s] me to get it out there as I finish it, with a minimum of hype. It's for people who buy my music anyway. It won't be sold in the big ass chains, because that puts the price up and starts the big ass machinery - press, radio etc. Then I have to pose naked at the piano, and really, I'm not a piece of meat, you know. The music will be available at gigs, and online, and on vinyl in some smaller stores."

Below is the track listing to the Speed Graphic EP, with comments posted by Folds.

"In Between Days" - old Cure song.

"Give Judy My Notice" - I just wrote it last week.

"Protection" - old song written with Anna goodman and never recorded for real.

"Dog" - old song written with Evan Olson and never recorded for real.
"Wandering" - the lost Folds/Jessee collaboration. Kinda like "Brick" in that he wrote the chorus (the part people like to sing 'she's a brick' ... 'all this wandering' etc.) and I wrote the rest (the part that leads up to the part people like to sing). He passed me the chorus a few years ago. I tried to do it justice...

Ben Folds Drops Internet-Only EP Today, Two More To Follow