Phantom Power

Super Furry Animals are pretty widely known as a tight group, a gang, almost, if you will. What else is pretty widely known is that they are a bit odd. Might be because theyíre Welsh, might be because they are total stoners, might be something else completely. Regardless of their oddity, the boys from Cardiff, Wales, can write some tunes and their new full length, Phantom Power, is evidence of that fact. Itís their first work since 2001ís also wonderful Rings Around The World, and it is the album on which you can find their amazing new single ìGolden Retriever.î Just wait until you peep the video on Player .045. These cats are out there, but in a good way. Phantom Power finds Gruff Rhys and his merry band of Welshmen in a folksier mode than weíve heard them before, but the Super Furries are all about timeless pop with a bizarro filter over the top, and that wonít ever change. From the ë60s flavor of ìLiberty Belleî to the amusingly-titled ìVenus & Serenaî to the country-tinged ìSex, War & Robotsî to the bouncy, jumparound bliss that is ìGolden Retriever,î the album is highly varied, but, at the same time, higly listenable. Donít just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

Super Furry Animals
Sony UK/Beggars

Phantom Power