You may remember Vega 4 from previous reviews, a veritable musical United Nations, consisting of members from Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and England. Satellites, their debut album, dropped a few weeks ago, and I was slow in getting it, but not slow in falling in love with it. Singer John McDaid has one of those perfect guitar pop voices, the kind that when paired with the kind of songs Vega 4 write, just screams stardom-in-waiting. The majority of Satellites is in Coldplay or Travis territory, but with a slightly larger propensity to rock out than either of those great acts. Album opener ìDrifting Away Violentlyî is hook laden, and itís catchy as hell, along with a number of stellar Vega 4 compositions. ìSingî and ìBetter Lifeî sound like they beg to be sung, lighters aloft, by 70,000 people at a festival, while ìLove Breaks Downî and ìRadio Songî are destined to be couplesí favorite songs once discovered. Any of the aforementioned tunes, or the Unbelievable Truth-esque title track are all one soundtrack placement away from the fast track to success. Vega 4. Remember where you heard about them first when everyone and their mother has the CD.

Vega 4
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