Live - Saul Williams Sets Chicago Ablaze...With His Words, Voice, And Mind

Saul Williams profoundly educated the lame brains at Chicago's Metro
Thursday night, as they paid close attention to the swift spoken poet's
sermon for close to an hour. The author of the forthcoming book, said the
, ranted about the current state of affairs, and reinforced to the
sold out crowd that our generation is powerfully cool. "We are a powerful
nation, and with power comes responsibility," said Williams. The star
of the films Slam and K-Pax reiterated how important it is
for each and every one of our influential voices to speak up and talk loudly.
Williams rifled through two poems, one that I fondly remember for the
climactic scene in Slam, the low budget little engine that could of 1999,
which highlighted Williams acting and rhyming expertice. Saul
spits flames, like those freak show fire breathers, only rather than
releasing gasoline on a fire, Williams' enlightened vision introduces
a different cause of action, one that will hopefully one day put out the
world's eternal pyre. His scalding language embraced everyone in the room,
many who were awestruck by the magnetic words that soared out of the star's mind
via his machine gun throat. Williams released Amethyst Rock
last year on American, an album that manipulated the rck and hip-hop sound, and reconfigured it into a mind-boggling array of fat beats,
heavy chords, and eye popping verses. Put the ipod on hold this September,
and pick up this wordmaster's collection of legible lesson plans for a
positive life, said the shotgun, and learn a thing or two and start a

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Saul Williams Sets Chicago Ablaze...With His Words, Voice, And Mind