Hey Girl

What do you get when you combine mop tops, chiming guitars, heaven-sent vocals and the soul of The Byrds? Thatís right, the new Delays single. Itís out now on Rough Trade and it is as great as youíd want it to be. Equally as effervescent and uplifting as ìNearer Than Heavenî (Player .043), the lads from Southampton are definitely on to something here. Frontman Greg Gilbert has the range of an angel and the guitars harness the jangling ghosts of McGuinn and company to great effect. Imagine The Laís, Chapterhhouse and the aforementioned Byrds having a party, staying up all night on substances aplenty and then decided to record a single taking bits of the best of each act. Thatís saying a lot, but ìHey Girlî is worth every word.

Rough Trade

Hey Girl