Live - Dismemberment Plan Play Their Final D.C. Show...For Now

Billed as the "last plan show ever, man!" in DC, Mother Nature tried her best to cancel Dismemberment Plan's farewell party by wreaking havoc at Fort Reno Park last night. Those in attendance have now experience what it will be like to wait through a rain delay if the Montreal Expos actually ever move here. With most of the park surrounded by homes, the permits for Fort Reno clearly state: music starts at 7:15 and must end by 9:30. Super doppler radar called for rain until midnight.

The Fort that served to protect the district's citizens back in the Civil War, no longer has any areas to shelter the young, as over a thousand kids, most without umbrellas, braved over an hour of steady downpour to see their indie heroes perform one last time.

When the rain miraculously stopped just after 8, the 'Plan was able to get set up for an hour set full of danceable hits from their decade of work. Lead singer Travis Morrison led the 'Plan through some of their most memorable moments, leaving little for "chatter" as the Plan squeezed in as many songs as possible for the soaked but ever excitable crowd. By the time they went on, nearly 2,000 strong clapped, danced and screamed to classics "ice of boston", "time bomb" and, the should have been alt-rock top ten hit, "What Do You Want Me To Say?"

With the clock striking 9:30, Travis ended the night by (what Jason Anfinsen predicted) informing the crowd for what they truly wanted him to say, announcing the 'Plan would play one more time in DC (due to thousands missing out from the rain), sometime this fall. I left the park fulfilled with a sense of hometown pride and a sly grin knowing this four piece wasn't done with Washington just yet.

Live - Dismemberment Plan Play Their Final D.C. Show...For Now