Live - Rilo Kiley Warms Up A Brisk Night In D.C.

On a rare cool summer night in Washington, Rilo Kiley came to spread their clean cut vibes over their converts and new believers at the Black Cat. A crowd representing a good cross-section of America's youth, perhaps a sizable portion of those infamous, er, famous, Washington summer interns, helped show the love right back at the Midwestern minstrels.

With a menacing red backdrop full of animal silhouette's with glowing red eyes (see for the artwork), the foursome walked (back) on stage, after backing up opener (and Superchunk mouthpiece) M. Ward. I could sense my first Rilo Kiley show was going to be alright mon after spotting the Jamaican flag sticker on Jenny LewisÇ fender. The band went right into their pop masterpiece, "The Execution of All things", and the interns let the dancing begin. The irie feelings hit their threshold with the crowd clapping on cue at the end of "With Arms Outstretched". The band was tight throughout the performance, using a plethora of guitars and various keyboard arrangements.

For the encore, the former child actors came out to debut some new material, which will be recorded in Lincoln and not Omaha. Guitarist Blake Sennet, who played "Pinsky" on Nickelodeon's Salute Your Shorts, yes I'm young enough to have watched it, and vocalist Lewis, tv sitcom actor and Angelina Jolie's co-star in the movie Foxfire, played several soothing ballads before being joined by Rilo's rhythm section to close out the set. The tour with M. Ward continues the tour headed south, before making their way west, see dates below.

07.31.03 - Carrboro, NC

08.01.03 - Columbia, SC

08.02.03 - Atlanta, GA

08.03.03 - Gainesville, FL

08.04.03 - Ybor City, FL

08.05.03 - Orlando, FL

08.07.03 - Houston, TX

08.08.03 - Denton, TX

08.09.03 - Austin, TX

08.12.03 - Tuscon, AZ

08.13.03 - Tempe, AZ

08.14.03 - Los Angeles, CA

08.15.03 - San Diego, CA

08.16.03 - Pomona, CA

Live - Rilo Kiley Warms Up A Brisk Night In D.C.